Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The March of Liberty

He thought, they thought
that the situation was not right.
Basic amenities were lacking,
There was poverty all about,
There was nepotism in the land,
Corruption was endemic,
Abuse of power was the order of the day
Kleptomaniacs were on the prowl
Everything was in disarray
Life had become brutish and short.
He asked himself, they asked themselves
Must things continue this way?
Not wishing to cause instability
Afraid of what might result from challenging the status quo
They watched year after year
Administration after administration
as things got from bad to worse
existence reduced to a mere struggle for survival.
Now was the time to act.
He must act, they must act,
they must act against their current situation
Cause change does not come
from doing nothing,
from doing the same thing again and again.
Thus the struggle began
Against all that was bad
Against everything that was bad
Against anything that was unjust
Thus began pain, persecution and prosecution
He was unrelenting
they were resolute in their pursuit
then came the light at the end of the tunnel
the light was already casting it beam on their part
looking ahead it was clearer and getting brighter
with hardship, with pain
he moved ahead ,they moved ahead
it was getting better ,worthier and rewarding
so now they cannot stop
cause they know that it could only get better
if they keep of the struggle.

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