Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What We Become

We are each endowed with immense potentials.
Events, occurrences and achievements
through history have continued
to amplify and corroborate this assertion.
For each and every one of us
our possibilities are limitless.
All through history men who lived their passion,
Have left their make on the sand of time
But in all men who excelled,
have acted on their natural inclination,
had acted on their natural propensity.
Whether we become victims of our circumstances
Or masters of circumstances is entirely our doing
We are each born into an environment,
It shapes us; it creates direction for us,
But whether we succeed or fail in life,
depends on whether we have left,
Our destiny in the hands of our circumstance,
Or whether we took our destiny in our hands,
 Cause our perception, our beliefs, our thoughts,
Beyond any other factors determine
Whether we would do anything at all
What we would try to do
How we would try to do it
And the spirit with which we would put to do it
Ultimately, the difference between
Success and failure is mind set
The difference between great men and ordinary men
Is depended on the spirit with which we have lived our lives,
At the end what we become is our doing,